When hiring a cleaning service there are steps they should follow to make sure that they are doing an effective job. But there are signs to ensure that you are getting the value of your time and money that you have invested in the commercial cleaning service. Not only should the cleaning service be flawless throughout but also they should do their job on time at the expected hours. Here are some areas you need to supervise after the cleaning service has visited to clean;


When you want to check if the floors are cleaned properly, there are some few tricks you have to apply to identify the clean place from the dirty;

  • Ensure there is no debris left
  • Streaks on the floor
  • Check all corners
  • If you see streaks on the floor know that the water used to clean the floor was not clean.


A detailed dusting program is very important because dust collects easily to the places that are not regularly cleaned on daily basis. Here are some areas to ensure that dusting was performed efficiently:

  • Tops of desks
  • Chair legs
  • Tops of cabinet
  • Picture frames
  • Shelves
  • Window seals
  • Tops of cubicles
  • Telephones outsides and insides

Mirrors and glass

The cleanliness of the glass and the mirrors is very important because here is where you can easily note some streaks on them. Clean spotless glass and mirror make a difference in your restaurant space or office. So when your cleaning company comes to ensure that there is no marks or handprint on any glass or mirror around the building.


Because of the air circulation in the area, vents are very important throughout the facility. After the cleaning company has cleaned, double-check the vents ensure that there is no dust or dirt clogged inside. They should be changed regularly.

Kitchen area

This is a very important area that needs to be highly cleaned and maintained efficiently. This is area where most stuff takes place and it is the most touched place in the building. If there is a buildup of food, crumbs, and dust, this will encourage rodents which will bring a health hazard. Here are the places to look if the cleaning process was efficiently done;

  • Dishwashers – it should be unloaded with utensils and put away with the cleaning crew.
  • Kitchen tables – should be disinfected and wiped and left with no crumbs or dust.
  • Cabinets – they should be wiped in and out.
  • The floor should be swept and mopped leaving no crumbs or streaks lying around.
  • Microwaves – it should be wiped inside and outside leaving no spots.
  • Fridges – the interior and exterior should be spotless.

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