Organising office cleaning services in Van Nuys should be easy, after all if you make an investment in hiring a company, it’s natural that you expect them to deliver exactly what they promise. Unfortunately though the booming market of commercial cleaning attracts many new companies to flock to the industry every year to try to get a piece of the pie. All of these opportunist companies might promise a lot, but be wary before choosing your service if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Unlike so much of the competition, Maidserve have decades of industry experience servicing commercial spaces and know exactly what the best level of service can be. Right from the offset Maidserve make it pleasure to work with them, when you first get in contact you and your business are treated as a unique customer with unique needs. There are no fixed rates, instead give them a call to discuss your needs, and they will give you a free quote based on those needs.

Once this has been settled you’ll be visited by a Maidserve account manager to discuss your requirements further so as to organise a service which goes the extra mile to work around your particular business’s needs. This means organising a service that never interferes with your day to day work, and to provide a service which as far as possible happens behind closed curtains.

When it comes to delivering their service, Maidserve stay always more than one step ahead of the competition by ensuring the best results in a number of ways. Firstly they take steps to make sure that all of their staff are fully trained to deal with a range of situations including customer service and support as well as always having the right tools to get work done as effectively as possible.