Whenever winter season starts, so many of us are always snuggling up indoors in order to keep warm. But for the home to feel warm and cozy, you have to clean first. From dusting the carpet to deep cleaning curtains, carrying out a good winter cleaning routine will certainly help you get through the winter season, as it elevates the comfortability and coziness of your home. Now, let’s take a look at a few critical tips on how to carry out the cleaning;

Use a checklist – with a room checklist, you won’t have to worry about missing any spots, and you will actually be able to tick everything after you complete every task. You can use an easy-to-use cleaning app or write a list on paper to help you organize your cleaning like a pro.

Clean your radiators – your radiators are super important when it comes to warming your indoors, and you must ensure that they are in their perfect condition for the winter season. Cleaning the radiators guarantees proper circulation of heat throughout the house. A damp cloth and some white vinegar will do the trick, and then afterward make sure that you dry it off.

Don’t forget about the windows – your windows are always prone to smears and streaks that are visible whenever the winter sunlight shines through. So, you need to ensure that you clean them regularly throughout the season. First, always ensure to remove cobwebs or dust from the frame. Then, using a fabric softener, wipe down the windows thoroughly, and then dry it off using a dry piece of cloth.

Dust off your carpets – carpets can harbor dust, bacteria, dirt, and even pet hair, especially if not regularly cleaned. So, this winter, strive to enjoy the warmth and soft feeling underneath your feet in your home by deep cleaning or scrubbing your carpet, which will leave you with a carpet that looks as good as new. Dust off your carpets or rugs outside once in a while!

If you are looking for help with your cleaning, get in touch with our Glendale Home cleaning team, and we will certainly help you make your season more relaxed and comfortable.