Encino office cleaning services cover not just cleaning but maintenance of an office. Each service is different and will offer either a selection or all of the following professional services:

Floor cleaning
This will involve sweeping, washing and vacuuming and may include waxing and polishing as well. Some Encino office cleaning services will also provide a service whereby they will remove the old wax and apply anew coat using the correct commercial equipment to do so. They will also know which types of polish and wax to use on each type of flooring

Cleaning tiles and grout is another part of the floor cleaning service. Dirty grout looks bad and can also be very difficult to clean without the correct substances and solutions.

Window Cleaning
Some Encino office cleaning services also include window cleaning, inside and out. They will know exactly which methods and the best solutions to use to produce sparkling clean results. The outside of a building is harder to clean and may require the use of specialist pressure or steam equipment.

Furniture Cleaning
This normally means dusting and polishing. Professional Encino office cleaning services will know to start at the top and work their way down to avoid having to repeat their work. There are many different types of furniture surface, i.e. wood, leather, nylon, vinyl and metal, and each one will require a different type of cleaning solution and method.

Carpet Cleaning
Office carpets are likely to be subject to high traffic n areas and therefore require regular vacuuming and then cleaning on a once or twice yearly basis, depending on the size and your requirements. Again, specific machinery and solutions are required for actual cleaning of carpets. If you only have a mall area to clean, in order to keep costs down an Encino office cleaning service may use a wet vacuum rather than heavy duty cleaning equipment. Not only is this a cheaper method, it is also a faster one.

No matter which company you employ, ensure that you are getting the best and greenest one. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and, if you are not happy with the answers, move on to the next Encino office cleaning service.