A clean home is more of an investment than a cost to us especially at times like this we are in the middle of a pandemic. Covid-19 has awakened us to the need of maintaining proper hygiene and keeping the top-most level of cleanliness starting from our homes, to businesses, transport sector, hospitals, and every other place that we require for our normal lives to carry on. Having unhygienic surroundings in the middle of a public health crisis can result in dire consequences. All in all, a clean environment is vital even during the best of times. When we make our homes as an investment, setting aside some money for their cleaning could be an addition to their value. Let’s look at how a clean home is an improvement in the value of our homes.

Prevention of Germs That Could Affect Our Health

Our family’s health is more valuable than any other asset we could purchase or own. We ought to protect it in the best way possible and maintaining a clean environment on where we live is basically one of them. We’ve recently seen that even in our first-world country, a virus can be easily transmitted to all corners within a short period of time. Living in a clean environment can reduce the risk of bacterial transmission by 90 percent. Encino Home Cleaning advises that a thorough house cleaning should be conducted at least thrice a month. This maintains cleanliness in all areas leaving your entire home fresh and safe.

Invest in Quality Air That Your Family Breathes

Having a clean environment reduces air contamination. Imagine having left dust and debris to accumulate on the windows, walls, under the couches or on the carpets. Or maybe think of molds and allergens growing under the carpet or on your bathroom and kitchen floors. How will be the health of your pets and babies crawling all over the area? What if you and the rest who breathes contaminated air from this dirt? If there is a family member who has allergic illnesses such as asthma, definitely they will have to suffer most. If we want to protect the health of our families, we need to invest in cleaning the air that they breathe. We can simply do so by maintaining a clean home.

Reduce Contamination on Surfaces

Different surfaces can be habitats of killer germs and bacteria. With the recent pandemic, we’ve learned that germs can stay on surfaces for longer periods, depending on their structure and the type of surface. Let’s consider a few examples;

  • Common cold viruses stay alive and infectious for several hours on fabric and soft surfaces. Their lifetime increases further whenever they fall on steel, plastics, and other hard surfaces.
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) survives on door handles and worktops for up to 6 hours and up to 45 minutes on soft surfaces such as clothes.
  • The flu virus is contagious up to 24 hours on surfaces and is transferable to hands where it survives for 15 to 20 minutes.

A clean home is always a good investment for you and your family. During a time like this when the safest option to avoid the pandemic is to stay at home, it’s important to learn how to maintain your home clean and tidy. The cost that illnesses incur surpasses that of maintaining periodic cleaning or hiring cleaning service providers. If you are in need of one, contact Encino Home Cleaning, and let’s help you maintain a clean, safe, and enjoyable home.