Basements and the garage are some of the most neglected areas of the household when it comes to cleaning. There are so many basements that are turned into storage closets since people do not spend time down there. All that being said, cleaning is a must as most of our precious memories are stored in this. So how do you get it done?


This means getting rid of the unwanted stuff. This could be either old, worn out, or outdated stuff. Gather garbage bags ready, then label them as “keep”, “donate”, and “trash”. Pile and operate the stuff accordingly. Get in touch with charities that will pick up your items from you then throw away the trash pile.

Get Cleaning

Once all the clutter is taken care of, it’s time to start cleaning. At this point, wipe up shelves that haven’t been dusted for some time, a floor that need mopping, and stains that need bleaching. If you find that you are unable to do all this by yourself, there are cleaning companies you can hire for a very affordable price.


After cleaning and tidying, the organizing bit comes. Just as you did with the trash bins, get some plastic bins with cover lids and label all of them with masking tape and a marker. This way your stuff will remain organized and clean.


The question you shouldn’t as yourself is, how did your basement get so cluttered and messy in the first place? When you figure that out, then you will be able to deal with the situation and keep your space clean. For confirmation, get a friend or another person to take a look at the basement and give you their honest assessment of the situation.

In case you need a cleaning company to do all the above for you, contact our Encino Home Cleaning team. We have well-trained personnel and the proper tools to conduct a true deep clean in your office at a very affordable price.