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” An office ?l??ning ??m??n? d??? n?t di?turb employees whil? th?? ?r? busy doing th?ir w?rk. On?? all the employees h?v? l?ft th? ?ffi??, the ?kill?d cleaners ?t?rt th?ir cleaning job. Important tasks ??rf?rm?d b? th?m include dusting ?nd wi?ing ?ll the furniture; m???ing th? fl??r?, ?l??ning w?ll?, carpet ?l??ning, m?int?ining b?thr??m?, ?t?. In addition t? thi?, th?? ?l?? carry out ??li?hing work, if required.

” Exterior ?f th? building is ?l??n?d b? ?r???ur? w??hing wh?r? ??w?rful ?r???ur? w??h?r? are u??d.

” M?int?n?n?? ??rvi??? ?r? ?l?? offered b? th? ?l??ning companies which in?lud? regular in????ti?n of lights; ?h??king of bulb?, keeping a tr??k of d?m?g?d furniture it?m? l?ing in ?ffi?? ?r?mi???, ?t?.

” In addition to the u?u?l ?l??ning t??k?, the firms ?l?? ?r?vid? expert clean-up services to ?n?ur? full ?li?nt ??ti?f??ti?n.

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