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D???it? th?r? being ?h??i??l ?ign? b?th ?ut?id? ?nd inside restroom d??r?, reminding ?nd ?dv???ting th? importance ?f hand w??hing ?ft?r ?v?r? vi?it, t? ?urt?il the ??r??d ?f g?rm?, ????l? will still ?ki? thi? ??tivit?. For instance, if ?v?r? single ??ll??gu? in th? office cleaned th?ir h?nd? fr??u?ntl?, 99% of g?rm? would b? ?r?di??t?d and thu? ?l??ning th? office w?uld be a l?t ???i?r. T? ??hi?v? thi?, it i? im??r?tiv? t? inv??t in ??nt?in?r? ?f hand ??nitiz?r? ?l???d strategically ?t sinks or ?ffi?? d??k?.

Thi? would b? ???r??ri?t? ?nd convenient f?r th??? ????l? wh? d? n?t remember t? ?l??n their h?nd?, since they can ?um? a little ??luti?n and ??ntinu? with th?ir ??tiviti??. Offi?? Cl??ning inv?lv?? a numb?r ?f activities of whi?h th? f?ll?wing t?k?? ?r?min?n??; floor ?l??ning, it in?lud?? ??li?hing and w?xing in addition t? th? usual m???ing and fl??r sweeping. Th? ??m? ??tivit? ??n in?lud? ?hr?dding th? fl??r fr?m th? f?rm?r ??li?h ?nd wax ?l??n, ?ft?r stripping it a new ???t ?f ??li?h and w?x ??n b? ???li?d.

This giv?? th? fl??r a ??m?l?t? n?w l??k, whi?h i? ??hi?v?d by u?? ?f ?l??ning equipment ?nd r???mm?nd?d chemicals lik? fl??r buff?r? ?nd ??li?h?r?. Wind?w ?l??ning i? ?n?th?r ??r?m?unt task whil? planning a ??m?l?t? ?l??n up of th? ?ffi??, ?l??ning th? windows will give the office a presentable ?utl??k. F?r in?t?n??, an ?ffi?? full of ?tr??k, grim?, ?nd dirt i? an instant turnoff f?r many clients ???king t? b? ??rv?d in that office.

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