Pets become a part of our family immediately we introduce them into our lives. The fact that we have introduced them in our lives, means that we have to accept the responsibility of cleaning after all their messes, which includes their poop, urine, and hair. When talking about pet hair, it means that the house will be so furry, and you will have to deal with that. Pet fur get stuck almost everywhere the pets go within the house and have been a problem for many families. Now, Sherman Oaks Home Cleaning has recommended a few tips on how to reduce the pet hair in your house;

Brush and groom your animal frequently

Some people use a very hard brush which some animals consider as torture due to pain. Therefore it is preferred to use a silicone brush like the Groomie, which can be associated with the brushing routine and reduces pain. If the weather is friendly, it is actually preferred to wash your pet outside to reduce the hair pet hair inside.

House cleaning regularly

House cleaning is very important because is a way of eliminating the pet hair, saving most your hassle, and also avoids dust in the house which means your family will have better general health. Some people choose to acquire cleaning professions to save time.

Get a Humidifier

Static electricity is the worst thing that spreads dust, pet hair, and other volatile matter. Keeping a reasonable rate of humidity in your home will be able to reduce allergens, reduce the spread of pet hair, and prevent the development of allergies.

Cover your furniture

Oftentimes, pets choose their own place to take a nap. Either on the sofa, chair, or anywhere. So, make sure that that you cover that particular place with a blanket that you will have to wash more often. There is also a choice of purchasing a furniture cover for this purpose.

Modify your laundry steps

Are you ready to add some ten minutes in your laundry routine to get rid of pet hair stuck on your clothes? If you agree, put your linen and clothes in the dryer for ten minutes before you start the wash cycle. Afterward, empty the filter and you will realize that you have reduced the amount of pet hair. If you practice this routine, you will breathe better in your homes and you and your pets will have a good environment.

Moreover, Sherman Oaks Home cleaning can help you get rid of pet hair from all over your house. Just get in touch with us. We have been doing this for years, so we know how to handle such a mess.