Maidserve offers leading Encino home cleaning services for a one-off as well as more long-term arrangements. Our service is built around your needs, and we customise each service and price to give you the very best deal that we can. If you would like to get in touch directly for a free quote, then please give us a call, or for more info, keep reading below.

Changing work patterns mean that it is now common for both partners of a household to work full-time. As such, the demand for cleaning services has risen, and it makes sense as a means to save you time, allowing you to relax in your free time.

It is perfectly understandable that your home is your place of privacy, and this is why all of our respectful staff trained to provide a sensitive level of service that works around your needs and requirements. We can carry out our service in any room of the house, including thorough kitchen and bathroom cleaning, floor cleaning throughout the house, bedrooms, hallways, and so on. However, we will of course only ever clean those areas that you request to be cleaned.

Our trained staff will go far beyond the basics and are full of useful information to get the best possible job done. They will pay careful attention to specific areas such as light switches, telephone handsets and other areas known to spread colds and bugs in order to provide a hygienic touch to the service.

All of our cleaning crew members receive extensive training to make the best use of our cutting edge tools, supplies, and equipment, as well as for knowing the best method to tackle any household accidents.