Do you know if you clean for about two hours you burn 200 calories? But I know you would prefer to attend interesting occupations like sports rather than clean the house. To be honest it is tedious but it is a fundamental part of our life so always dedicate 2-3 hours on weekends and do a thorough cleaning. It is not a pleasant thing to live in a dirty house breathing the dust and maybe the bad odor that comes along with trash.

Here are some reasons why you should clean your house more often.

Sense of Discipline– regardless of who did the cleaning, you personally or special cleaning services, cleaning the house disciplines you and helps you come to terms with yourself. You will realize after cleaning the house you tend to move into sorting and arranging out different things, some you keep and throw away some. Your mood will always be improved anytime you come back home to a clean house that has a smell of freshness.

Helps Clear your Thoughts– any time you clean the house and organize the space around you, miraculously you will clear out your mind too. Cleaning your house routinely helps set clear priorities and to think more clearly. It is a scientific fact.

Health advantages- people who clean their houses either by themselves or hiring cleaning services suffer much less respiratory-related diseases like allergy and flu. You might be doing great emotionally but if the house is not clean, it poses a health threat to you. Let the desire for good health be a motivation to clean your house.

It helps to overcome depression- strange, isn?t it? We all know how our houses look every time we are upset, dejected or even in a bad mood; messy. Mostly, the space or environment that surrounds us is a reflection of our emotions. Surprisingly, your spirit can be lifted by entering a fresh, clean and renewed house.

It is a good start for a change- have you ever thought of changing your life? It might be in the aspect of bad habits, job, hobby or personal life. Arranging your house and cleaning is a good start of a general change of your life followed by making changes in your house interior. This way you will create a great base for a new beginning.