Did you know that one germ can multiply into more than 8 million germs in one day? Imagine the situation in an office where employees are continually in use of office equipment. It is good to contract a regular office cleaning services to avoid the risk of spreading diseases because a superficial cleaning over office equipment with a wet cloth with no disinfectant merely kills bacteria. The following spots in the office are the hotspots for germs.


Studies show that the average desk is about 100 times less hygienic than the normal kitchen table and even worse than a toilet seat for it is around 400 times. Attributable to items on your desk like keyboard which can host approximately 16 million microbes, the desk becomes a germs hotspot. Imagine the spread of bacteria if one sneezes and type then someone else uses the keyboard.

Sink Area and Refrigerator

Office sink is a haven for bacteria due to the breeding ground created by disposed food down the sink. A chance of spreading germs from one plate to another using the kitchen sponge is high due to its wet absorbent nature and it is used by everyone. Also, the nozzle handle is prone to germs because everyone comes into contact with it.

Nearly everyone loves to snack. This makes the office fridge home for germs especially those with expired food because of the frequent touch of the fridge door from one user to the other enabling the spread of the bacteria.

Office Equipment and Door handles

Continuous use of office equipment like fax machine and the photocopier make it easier for germs to stick in your hands and spread from one user to the other.

The door handles are possibly one of the most touched things in an office, hence making them a refuge to bacteria and easier spread widely among employees.

Take responsibility

It is not entirely the responsibility for corporate management to ensure a safe and clean working environment for employees but every employee has a responsibility to ensure their working space is clean by cleaning their desk and hence reduce the possibility of creating a reproduction ground for bacteria. Also, they should respect office property and assist to maintain a clean working environment.