One of the many responsibilities of a business owner is to ensure that the safety and health of your employees are prioritized at all times. After all, healthy employees mean productive employees. However, one of the biggest threats to the health of the employees is the very work environment they are working in. According to a recent study, some of the dirtiest surfaces that the employees touch each and every day at work – thereby putting their health at risk – include; the keyboards, break room sink faucet handles, microwave door handles, refrigerator door handles, vending machine buttons, and water fountain buttons. The funny this is that the employees are more aware of the germs in the bathroom, but totally ignore surfaces microwave, door and refrigerator handles. The truth is, it’s impossible to avoid germs entirely, but hiring professional cleaners to clean your office as well as encouraging hygienic practices among the employees will certainly go a long way in ensuring that the working environment is kept clean. Additionally, consider the following tips;

Using disinfectant solutions to clean keyboards and desks – employees do put different things on different places on their desks and also eat snacks on the same desk. What’s more, most of the time, they are on the same desk typing away on the keyboards using the same hands that have touched a ‘hundred’ surfaces, making their desk and all the other surfaces hotbeds for germs. So, to prevent the spread of germs, ensure that the desks and keyboards are sanitized thoroughly using a disinfectant every single day, probably before the workday even starts.

Using a hand sanitizer – cleansing your hands with water and soap is the best way of keeping your hands clean, but you can’t seriously expect employees to do it each and every time they touch something. I mean, it’s not practical. So, using a hand sanitizer is the next best way to clean your hands. Since a bottle of sanitizer is super flexible and kept just anywhere, it’s more practical in a workplace environment. Also, the sanitizer contains some alcohol that kills bacteria and viruses immediately and effectively.

That being said, by hiring a professional cleaner, you are guaranteed of a pristine work environment at all times, which in turn leads to an improvement of the employees’ productivity, and ultimately, business growth.