In a home, there are two kinds of dirt spots; the first one is pretty obvious; like an overflowing trash bin or a spilled coffee; and the second kind, is pretty much invisible – It involves areas that may not look dirty per se, but needs regular cleaning for hygienic and health reasons, usually because people are in regular contact with them. You may never realize it, but our homes are dirtier than we think, and as we clean the coffee spillage or scattered items on the flow, it is very easy to miss some of the dirtiest areas. This is why I recommend that you hire a professional cleaning service to maintain the highest level of cleanliness in every area of your home. Anyway, let’s take a look at the dirtiest spots in your home;

Kitchen sink and countertops – in your home, did you ever notice that the kitchen always gets dirty, or rather, it’s a lot dirtier than the other rooms? Well, there is a reason for that; you see, since it’s the place where food preparation is done on a daily basis, it’s prone to getting dirty faster. Now, in the process of preparing food, there are a lot of bacteria and germs that are left on the sink. So, you will need to sanitize the sink and countertops properly on a regular basis.

Door knobs, handles, and switches – due to regular hand contact, there are a lot of germs that spread via your doors knobs and switches. Therefore, on a weekly basis, clean your door handles, all knobs and switches thoroughly using a disinfectant to get rid of germs.

Laundry room – a washing machine, when used, produces a warm and moist atmosphere, which is ideal for bacteria to thrive, encourage mold and leave a funny smell on your clothes. So, after you are done with laundry, ensure that you clean the washing area and that you hang the clothes as soon as you are done so as to inhibit the growth of bacteria. By adopting good cleaning habits, you will certainly reduce harmful bacteria in your home. Hire a professional cleaner to help you with the cleaning, and it will help you save time to focus on other things.