There are few ways of reducing the risk of flu; covering your face, annual vaccination, and impeccable hygiene. Probably you are tempted to use a toxic disinfectant to eliminate germs but the use of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar kills very many germs like the supermarket cleaner which are completely friendly to the environment. Tarzana Home cleaning, however, has given several tips on how to keep your house clean after a Flue outbreak;

Cell phones

Spending three days in bed can be very boring so you have to keep yourself busy with your phone catching up on the latest news on social media. Therefore, it needs essential disinfecting.  It is also advisable to remove the case and clean the underneath. Do not spray your phone directly so you spray on the cloth to avoid damaging your phone.


In the house, the bathroom is considered to be the most important place for the health of your family. Family members share the same bathroom where they tend to wash their bodies and hands thus touching the faucet. This can lead to a continuous cycle of microbial sharing. So to avoiding this, the person infected should use a different towel.


All the surfaces in the house including the bedside table and counters should be properly disinfected after the flue to avoid more contamination. Because these surfaces are touched constantly but not sufficiently washed.


Talking of the beddings, you have to make exceptions and wash them with warm water following the flu. The hot water will kill germs from your duvet covers, sheets, and towels. If you are sharing the bed with your partner ensure that you change your beddings after every night during the duration of the flu.

Remote control

You may think that it doesn’t take much to contaminate the remote but by blowing your nose and touching it with the same germs and share it with the rest of the family, it is very easy for you and whoever touches that remote to get re-infected. Just like the same thing on the cell phone, spray the disinfectant of the sanitizer on the towel not spraying it directly on the remote control.

Switches, door handles, and stair rails

Is or not, these are things that you have to touch every day because you have no choice. It is advised to clean them whether there is someone who is sick or not. For example; during the holiday you are advised to disinfect everyplace before and after being visited to avoid sharing the germs.