After a super long holiday, children are beginning to go back to school. And as it may be an exciting time that our children, finally, to some of us, it’s equally nerve-racking and stressful. See, not don’t you want to see your kid happy and playful, but you want to ensure that he/she is safe, especially given that the virus is still ravaging the universe. To support you with that goal, here are some easy tips that would ensure that your children stay healthy throughout the year;

Wash their hands – we can’t deny the fact this is the most simple and yet the most important thing you can teach your children. While at school, it is very important for the teachers to ensure that children wash their hands after playing, after visiting the bathroom, or after touching objects, and most importantly, before eating. Even while at home, you need to always teach the kids about washing their hands kills germs, and eliminates bacteria, which minimizes their chances of getting sick.

Use hand sanitizer – whenever the children can’t access running water and soap, there is always the option of using an alcohol-based sanitizer. Purchase a small bottle of sanitizer and put it in your kid’s school bag, or their desk. This will ensure that their hands are always clean and sanitized at all times.

Pack nutritious snacks & lunches – what you pack for your child is very important as well. So, you need to ensure that you pack nutritious foods and snacks for them. Include them when you pack, or rather, ask them what they would like to eat. Nutritious foods will give them the energy they need during the day.

Get enough sleep – it is recommended that children should sleep for at least 8 hours. So, you need to ensure that your child has a nighttime routine that includes 8 hours of sleep every night. Find a routine that works for both of you, and ensure that you follow it.

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