Re-Open your Business with a Splash of Optimism

As the economy continues to contract, and more people find themselves out of work, it can seem like the economy may never get back to normal. However, there are plans on the horizon to re-open the state incrementally in the next months and as we get back to business, we must be prepared for what is on the horizon. It has been predicted, Covid-19 is here to stay for a while and as a result many more casualties may result. All may appear bleak, however there are some measures that can thwart the anticipated infections. What can never be underestimated is the effect of a clean office that has been thoroughly disinfected and offices that are periodically cleaned, have shown to have lower rates of cross-infection. We can’t afford to take chances this time. A lot is hanging in the balance and what businesses need is a trusted referral agency that connects you with just the right company that can properly disinfect an environment, so your most precious asset, your employees, can do their jobs with an appreciably diminished risk of spreading illness.

The CDC estimates that employers lose $225 billion annually to employee absenteeism due to ailments such as the cold and the flu. With the economy hemorrhaging trillions of dollars in the wake of this global pandemic, business owners can save themselves from unfathomable losses by curbing the cross-pollination of seasonal illnesses and the looming second wave of SARS-CoV-2. However, do not trust this lofty endeavor to just anyone. Turn to MaidServe and let’s do this together. We will connect you with first rate office cleaning companies that will help you get back to business with a spark in your step as sharp, immaculate environment will impress clients and buoy employees to bring their A-Game to work every day. Look, you’re the owner, you set the pace. Call MaidServe today and let’s start you on the path to re-opening your business with a splash of optimism.

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