If you are expecting a child, or you already have one, of course, you want to make sure that the home is as safe as possible, and that there is nothing that would be harmful to the baby. And as most parents focus on baby-proofing the entire home, by removing breakables as well as investing in baby gates and locks, they often overlook the most crucial element; the cleaning cabinet. Here is the thing, some natural and conventional cleaning products are harmful to human health as well as the environment. Baby skin is quite sensitive and their immune system is weak, which means babies are even more susceptible to the dangers of cleaning products.

Poisonous cleaning products – most cleaning products are poisonous if ingested, harmful when touched or inhaled, and might leave a toxic residue after use and contribute to indoor air pollution. With this information and knowing the susceptibility of babies, you need to avoid as much as you can cleaning products labeled with “danger” or “warning” signs as they might be harmful to children. And if you have bought them already, you will need to secure them in a locked cabinet, such that no child would get them, just in case you are not there.

Irritations and allergic reactions – when cleaning products touch the skin or are inhaled by children can trigger irritations and severe allergic reactions. Some of the conventional products have been particularly pointed to as they have been found to aggravate existing allergies or triggers new ones. With this knowledge, you really need to think about the laundry detergents, which leave residue in baby clothes and blankets since there are in constant contact with the skin.

Harmful when touched – there are those chemicals that are highly acidic or alkaline, and when they come in contact with the skin, can cause severe burns. What we mean by this is even when you think a certain cleaning product is less corrosive, bear in mind that a baby’s skin is super delicate. Be very mindful of this.

At Los Angeles Home Cleaning, we do understand the kind of cleaning agents you need for baby-safe cleaning. We can’t put your baby in danger, and as we have done for a long time, we know what needs to be done.