A clean office is mandatory for higher employee productivity and for creating positive impressions on the clients and the visitors. Thanks to our green office cleaning services, it is now possible to maintain a clean and hygienic office without harming the environment. Did you know that the non-green chemicals used in cleaning the office actually are more harmful than the germs? Choosing green office cleaning services is important and in this post we shall share some tips to do so: -Say good bye to air fresheners: While air fresheners make the air fragrant and pleasing, they also release a range of harmful chemicals in the air. Ask your office cleaning service provider to use eco-friendly products to kill any odor in the environment. -Use natural products: The best professional cleaning company would ensure to use natural and eco-friendly products including floor cleaners, glass cleaners and windows cleaner. These agents have natural smell of various ingredients used in making them. -Skip carpets, opt bare floors: It is always the best to opt for bare floors for your office. But, most of you would say that carpets are more aesthetic boosting and also soundproof the rooms. If you happen to choose carpets, make sure you choose green steam cleaning of the carpets over chemically laden stain resistant treatments. -Check the company policies before you hire them: It is very important to talk with the commercial cleaning company you hire about their green cleaning policies. The best green cleaning companies will be happy to share details with you. The best green cleaning services provider value health, safety and integrity to the core. You must discuss your cleaning requirements with the providers and avail the best services. -Pay attention to indoor air quality: It is very important to maintain high indoor air quality levels. Ass some indoor plants to your décor and use more herbs and essential oils to make the space fragrant. These are some of the ways you can adapt to green cleaning practices. If you are up for healthy and employee-friendly office environment, connect with the best commercial office cleaning company and take advantage of their expertise to the core.