Hidden Hills

As one of the most affluent areas in the San Fernando Valley, Hidden Hills is an area that calls for many of its residents to be tight on time with a ton of social obligation that keep them busy most of the time. Add the requirements of a family with sports, clubs and a variety of other activities that many children tend to participate in and there really is almost no time for residents to take care of their homes.

Thankfully for these busy and time constrained folks, MaidServe can come to the rescue and make sure the homes of the Hidden Hills area are cleaned properly. With their five point training program that ensures their agents are well trained regarding how to properly clean a space as well as what is expected as far as etiquette when in the home of these affluent customers.

Many times the first thought when choosing a company to clean a home or office is to find out what price is going to be paid and choose the cheapest one. This can be a huge mistake for any homeowner. Many companies require the customer to provide all the cleaning supplies, equipment and solvents to get the job done leaving the cleaning company to only have to provide the cleaning agent who will do the work in the home. Add to this the lack of training many companies provide and having a cleaning service can become quite the headache that it doesn’t need to be.

MaidServe not only has a great training program to ensure their agents know how to do the job, but they also require their agents to carry all needed equipment, supplies and solvents with them to do the job right. Add the longevity of service MaidServe has experienced, over twenty years of service, and the fact they guarantee their work to ensure customers are always satisfied with their work and the right choice for the Hidden Hills residents becomes more obvious. Allowing MaidServe to take care of the cleaning needs, residents of Hidden Hills will be able to enjoy their time taking care of what they need to while allowing MaidServe to leave behind only a sparkle and shine to be enjoyed.

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