At our workplaces, it is important to maintain a high level of cleanliness in order to prevent the spread of germs that multiplies on dirty surfaces and is easily transmitted among employees and on working areas. This cleanliness ensures that all staff members remain healthy and become less prone to illnesses caused by improper hygiene. At Encino Office cleaning, we share the pride of ensuring that you maintain a clean, safe, and healthy office environment, free from any inhabitation of germs. Let’s discuss a few easy steps that we can take in order to curb the spread of germs in our offices and their environs.

Decontaminate Highly Touched Surfaces

High- touch surfaces can lead to the spread of germs and viruses rapidly among employees. Take a look at surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, faucets, stationery, printers, boardroom tables among others that are frequently touched by many people in the company every now and then in their daily routine. These surfaces need to be disinfected thoroughly in order to keep off germs and bacteria from thriving.

Ensure the Washrooms are Clean

Washrooms are the most effective areas where germs and bacteria tend to multiply. Clean them up by washing the toilets regularly, disinfecting the washbasins, and mopping the floors of any spillages. Taking this as your daily routine leaves no room for germs and bacteria to thrive in thus providing a healthy environment.

Regular Hand Washing

In our third step, we recommend constant hand washing as it is the best defensive method in curbing the spread of germs. Ensure when customers and employees visit your office, their hands are properly sanitized as this helps in eliminating any form of bacteria that they might have carried in their way in. Imprint flyers and notices that sensitize proper hand hygiene especially in areas such as washrooms and boardrooms.

If you Feel Unwell Take a Leave from Work

When you feel unwell it’s wise to stay at home until you fully recover as this helps to reduce the spread of contagious diseases. When coughing or sneezing people tend to touch surfaces all around thus putting their colleagues at a high risk of contracting diseases especially if working in the same quarters. Encourage your employees to take a leave or stay at home whenever they feel unwell.

By taking into consideration these steps, we are well assured that they will help prevent the spread of germs in your office. At Encino Office Cleaning, we offer a variety of professional cleaning services including disinfecting your premises to ensure that you stay safe and healthy. Contact us and get our offers today.