I know we can agree that winter is usually hard on our floors. People just track in salt, snow, and ice as they walk into your building. And you know, salt and water do scratch, stain, and wear away the flooring you invested so much money into. This means that you will end up replacing the flooring, which even more expensive and not fun at all. Also, to make the matter worse, wet workplace floors lead to workplace accidents as employees or customers tend to slip and fall, harming them badly and potentially starting lawsuits against the company. Having said that, it is the responsibility of the company owners to try and limit these accidents, for people’s sake and also the longevity of the flooring. So, how can you do this? Well here is how;

It starts outside – if you want to prevent slippery services on the inside of your business premises, you will need to take preventive measures from the outside. Maybe quick and complete snow management in the parking lot and on the walkways leading to the entrance will go a long way in eliminating the amount of snow people carry with their shoes. Since most people drive or are driven to work, most of the snow in their boots is shed during the drive. So if they step into a clean parking lot, and thereafter, walkways, there is not much moisture that will be brought inside the building. And as you may hire snow removal services to clean the parking lot, you can also have a small bag of salt and a shovel stored near the door so as to prevent slips and falls.

Control the entryway – you need to prevent snow, salt, ice, and meltwater from reaching your flooring in the entryway whenever possible. Remember, the longer that salt and water sit on the floor, the more you are putting your floors at risk of being worn out. So, use thick, absorbent entryways mats that have rubber bottoms so as to collect the water people bring in. Ensure that you clean and dry the mats regularly, perhaps on a daily basis based on your daily traffic.

Salt removal – washing the salt away with water does little to help since you will just be spreading it. After some time, larger white stains of recrystallized salt will start forming. So, for you to remove the salt completely with one salt, you will need a specialized cleaner that’s slightly acidic.

To protect your floor during the winter, give our Burbank Office Cleaning team a call, we will maintain it for you. You won’t have to worry about anything.